Friday, March 9, 2012

Dear Toni by Cindi Sand-Eveland - ADVISABLE

Sand-Eveland, Cindi Dear Toni.  128 pgs. Tundra Books, $9.95

Content: G


Gene Tucks is a child born of a middle class family just trying to make ends meet. Gene’s teacher gives the class an assignment to write in a journal every day for one hundred days and then the journals will go into a time capsule to be read in forty years. Even though Gene doesn’t know who will be reading her journal she decides to call him/her Toni. Gene shares her struggles with fitting in and her family's struggles to make ends meet with Toni. 

The pages are filled with doodles and pictures complete with captions. It really feels like you are reading a journal. It was a quick and somewhat easy read.

Shauna, reading teacher.

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