Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cryer’s Cross by Lisa McMann

McMann, Lisa Cryer’s Cross, 232 p. Simon Pulse, 2011.  $17.  Language: PG-13 (30+ swears, 3 ‘f’).  When Tiffany Quinn disappeared from the small town of Cryer’s Cross, Kendall was unhappy; she didn’t really know the girl that well, but her OCD doesn’t allow room for angst and grieving.  Then Kendall’s best friend, Nico, disappears and her world is torn apart.  Could it have something to do with the weird whisperings that Kendall hears?  But how can the desk with the weird carvings be dangerous? What pull could it have over the kids who use it? Dark, old secrets are coming to light.  While I really like Kendal and her challenges, but the answers come so late, you almost can’t savor the revelation.  I wish the author had switched back and forth between the time periods to give the back-story more depth.  HS – OPTIONAL. Cindy, Library Teacher

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