Monday, March 21, 2011

Behind the Gates by Eva Gray

Gray, Eva Tomorrow Girls #1: Behind the Gates, pgs. 224 Scholastic, 2011. $ 6.99. Language-PG; Sexual Content-G; Violence-PG-13; When the U.S.A. is at war with the Alliance, Maddi and Louisa are sent to a school to protect them. Louisa meets Evelyn who thinks this is all a trap. Is it? When things turn bad, can the girls help each other without getting kidnapped by the Alliance (again)? I think that the author should have gave more information in the beginning on what the Alliance is and what the war is all about. It needs more information in the beginning. Also, is this what the author thinks might really happen? I think it could have been better, but overall liked it. EL-MS-HS-ADVISABLE. Student Reviewer: K.B.

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