Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Boy From Ilysies by Pearl North

North, Pearl The Boy From Ilysies, 316 pgs. Tom Doherty Associates, 2010. $17.99. Language- (10 swears, 2 "f"), Sexual Content- PG-13; Violence- PG; Po is a teenage boy from the world of Ilysies. There are two other worlds that have been through something called, "The Redemption", with his world.  It means that they are trying to work together and figure out how to live with everyone's completely different cultures and customs. The only problem is that Po does not fit in at all. He is stuck in his upbringing and he doesn't know how to get out of his predicament.  When the food supply runs short, everyone blames him, and it wasn't his fault. How can he clear his name? Will he be able to save the joined worlds from utter destruction by finding a legendary artifact that is supposedly lost forever? This book was okay.  I hated all of the sexual content and swearing.  In the first chapter alone, it said at least three swear words and one f word. I disliked that very much.  The storyline was interesting, but I do not see why the author needed to put in all of the junk.  To me, it ruined the book and made it impossible for me to enjoy it. I do not really recommend this book to anyone. It often times made me uncomfortable and I needed to put it down occasionally.  INTEREST LEVEL- NO. Student Reviewer: SE

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