Thursday, January 13, 2011

Paris: The Story of a Great City by Danielle Chadych

Chadych, Danielle and Dominique LeBorgne Paris: The Story of a Great City, 124 p.  Sterling, 2010.  $50.00.  Kids – step aside.  You may have the “-ology” books, but Sterling has upped the stakes and created similar books aimed at the adult market.  From its beginnings as a hamlet of the Neolithic age, through kings and wars and emperors and a republic, the authors detail the history of Paris, accompanying every page with multiple illustrations (usually photographs or historic engravings and paintings).  Four foldout envelopes contain 20 interesting documents from the city’s past. I don’t see much use for this in a library setting as the facsimile documents are easily lost, however, any Francophile would love to have this in their personal collection.  Whether as a gift for a French teacher or just for someone who loves the city, it would be greatly appreciated.  GIFT – ADVISABLE. Cindy, Library Teacher

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