Saturday, January 15, 2011

Living Hell by Catherine Jinks

Jinks, Catherine Living Hell, 288 pgs. Harcourt Children's books, 2010. Language - G; Sexual Content - G; Violence - PG-13 (a lot of violent death and gore). Cheney lives on a spaceship called the Plexus with more than one thousand other people in search of a new planet to live on. When they go through a radiation wave, their ship suddenly turns on them. Cheney and a few of his friends struggle to find a way to survive on a ship that is now trying to kill them.

This was a cool premise. It was interesting to read about a ship behaving like a human body. The pace was quick, with lots of action. Yet I still found it a boring book and had a hard time caring about the character. Sci-Fi buffs and those interested or studying the human body would probably really enjoy this book.

MS, HS - ADVISABLE Reviewer: Rebekah, public librarian

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