Friday, January 21, 2011

The Firehouse Light by Janet Nolan

 Nolan, Janet.  Lafrance, Marie.  The Firehouse Light. 32 pages. Tricycle Press, 2010.  PICTURE BOOK.  $15.99.  Language-G; Sexual Content-G; Violence-G;  Inside book cover:  “Here is a true story of a little light bulb, located in a firehouse, that has stayed lit for more than one hundred years.  As horse-drawn carriages make room for automobiles, dirt roads vie way to paved streets, and new buildings transform small clusters of homes into bustling neighborhoods, a small town grows and changes.  And fighting fires changes too.” And through all these changes, the four-watt light bulb continues to glow.  The fact that the story is true makes the storyline all the more fascinating!  We loved this book!  It was fun to see the town change page by page, and see the advancements of technology and modern living.  This is a wonderfully written and illustrated book that has many applications in the classroom! A must have in every library!  EL (K-3) ESSENTIAL.  Reviewer: SL

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