Friday, January 21, 2011

Drum City by Thea Guidone

Guidone, Thea.  Newton, Vanessa. Drum City, 32 pages. Tricycle Press, 2010. PICTURE BOOK.  $15.99.  Language-G; Sexual Content-G; Violence-G; Children from the neighborhood are curious as they hear a young boy begin to beat on a kettle with his mother’s whisk and spoon. Soon, everyone joins in with pots and pans and cartons and cans across the neighborhood.   Together they create a catchy tempo as they drum and march and hum and pound! “Over the mountains and over the sea, drumming like you, drumming like me.  Together we drum.”  We really enjoyed this book.  The illustrations are captivating.  It’s a “good feel” book about making beautiful, cooperative, and appropriate noise! My kids reminisced about the days when a pot and metal spoon from our kitchen would entertain them for hours! This book could be used for various units:  Music, Cooperation, Creativity, and Rhyming. EL (K-3) ESSENTIAL.   Reviewer: SL

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