Friday, February 5, 2010

The Wish Stealer by Tracy Trivas

Trivas, Tracy The Wish Stealer, 281 p. Aladdin (Simon), 2010. $16.99. Content: G. Through a petty bit of trickery, Griffin Penshine has been burdened with a curse - she must find the original owners of several wish-pennies, or find a way to fulfill that kind of wish, if she doesn't want to become a wish stealer. From world peace to the desire for a puppy, she has a variety of wishes to fulfill, all while juggling the pressures of 6th grade, a huge science fair project and the enmity of the school's queen bee. Griffin will need the love and support of many around her in order to un-fulfill this destiny. Very cute, very fun and a delight to read. Great for a high-traffic fantasy collection. EL, MS - ADVISABLE.

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