Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cinderella Cleanders: Change of a Dress by Maya Gold

Gold, Maya. Cinderella Cleaners: Change of a Dress, 209 pgs. Scholastic, 2009. $5.99. Sexual Content-G; Language-PG (5 swears); Violence-G. Diana’s evil stepmother Fay insists that she work at the family business Cinderella Cleaners after school, which means she can’t try out for the school play. Diana likes helping her dad and makes friends with the other employees. While working, she finds a pair of Broadway tickets in an expensive coat. Diana makes a half-hearted attempt to return them, before deciding to go herself with co-worker Cat. She doesn’t tell her parents so she has to enlist the help of her co-workers—including one she caught wearing the customer’s clothing after hours. Diana has the night of her dreams and meets the star of the show but has to leave in a hurry to catch her ride home. The plot is a run-of-the-mill Cinderella story full of pop culture and questionable ethics. First book in a series. MS – OPTIONAL. Samantha, Public Librarian.


Ms. Yingling said...

From the description, I wanted to like this more than I was able to. Very good review.

Cindy Mitchell said...

I know what you mean - I wonder if it is one of those where you really have to be 10, 11, 12 to enjoy it.