Saturday, February 13, 2010

Prep Cool by Maya Gold

Gold, Maya Cinderella Cleaners: Prep Cool. 155pg. Scholastic, 2010. Content: G. Dianna is a some what normal 7th grader, whose dad owns her grandpaw’s dry cleaner company, Cinderella Cleaners. Dianna and her friend Jessica are invited to see their friend Will play the drums in his brother’s band at a prep school. The girls are so excited to get to learn the lifestyle of kids their age living such fancy lives until they get there and learn they are total BRATS!!! Dianna and Jessica meet these two blonde girls who are snoops, and the day after the dance they learn that the girls have stolen Jessica's cell phone. When a girl drops off a school uniform at the cleaners, Dianna gets it to fit her and she sneaks in to the school to find Jessica's cell phone. Will she get out without getting caught? I thought that this book was really good and it keeps you on the edge. MS- OPTIONAL. Student Adviser: MM

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booksushouldread said...

I read this book and I loved it too. Didn't you just want to kill Brooke and Mackenzie?