Thursday, January 17, 2019

Stain by A. G. Howard - ESSENTIAL

Stain by A. G. Howard, 516 pages.  Amulet, 2019. $20.  

Language: G (1 swear, 0 ‘f’); Mature Content: G; Violence: G



Princess Lyra was born just as her mother died.  Born into a kingdom of perpetual day, she was promised as the bride to a boy born to a land of perpetual night.  Her governess, her aunt Griselda, has other ideas for her destiny.  How about killing her off and substituting her own daughter to fulfill the prophecy?  Lyra is rescued by an unlikely cast of characters and raised on the wild border between the kingdoms with no memories of her former life nor of her ordained future. If fate doesn’t intervene what will happen to the two kingdoms?

It says prominently in the promotional materials that this is based on The Princess and the Pea.  I don’t see it.  SO ignore that and just enjoy this for the fine high fantasy read that it is.  While there are glimpses of several familiar tales within, this is really just a wonderful weaving of story and character that you will reread as soon as you are done so that you can enjoy its nuances again.

Cindy, Library Teacher, MLS

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