Sunday, January 27, 2019

Check Please!: Book #1: Hockey by Ngozi Ukazu - OPTIONAL

Check Please!: Book #1: Hockey by Ngozi Ukazu, 240 pages. GRAPHIC NOVEL. First Second, 2018. $17

Language: R (100+ swears, multiple “f”); Mature Content: PG-13; Violence: G.



Formerly a figure skater, Eric vlogs about his experiences playing ice hockey in college. Eric brings to the team a new perspective since he loves to bake and he is gay. The team accepts him easily and Eric finds a lot of positive things about his college experience. 

Eric is a very charming character; he is outgoing and honest. The other characters on the team are stereotypical in many ways, but in response to Eric they become more complex characters. The language and drinking are barriers for this book and young readers, but the messages about acceptance and finding love are worth the read.    

Jen Wecker, HS English Teacher 

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