Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Blacklisted! by Larry Dane Brimner - ESSENTIAL

Blacklisted! : Hollywood, The Cold War, and the First Amendment By Larry Dane Brimner, 171 pages. NON FICTION Calkins Creek, 2018. $17.95 Content: G. 



During the Cold War, the House of Representatives Committee on Un-American Activities investigated a number of Hollywood screen writers (and others) and questioned them about their political views; specifically, they wanted them to admit to being communists and give up names of their associates. This is the story of the Hollywood Ten; men who refused to give up their first amendment rights, and were subsequently blacklisted. 

Brimner has given us a well researched, engaging, Hollywood name-filled history on the hearings and their aftermath. Quoting from sources who were there (Gordon Kahn and others) we see an accurate depiction of this “circus”. Captioned pictures of documents, people and telegrams help put background knowledge into perspective. Includes an extensive author’s note, bibliography, source notes and an index. 

Lisa Librarian 

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