Sunday, January 27, 2019

Lucy and Andy Neanderthal: Bad to the Bones by Jeffrey Brown - ADVISABLE

Lucy and Andy Neanderthal: Bad to the Bones (Lucy and AndyNeanderthal #3) by Jeffrey Brown, 208 pages.  GRAPHIC NOVEL  Crown (Random House), 2018. $13.  

Content: G



Lucy and Sasha decide that they are going to create a club that discovers new things around them.  While out looking they find dinosaur bones and some other Neanderthals.  The other clan of Neanderthals keep cropping up throughout the book and are not very nice, eventually they try to steal from the family’s cave.  All the kids ban together to set up traps to discourage the outsiders from being in their cave.  

Throughout the book there are two scientists who comment on what happens in each chapter, explaining the facts from the chapter and other interesting tidbits, which I totally enjoyed.  The illustrations are in black and white, and I wish they were in color because my boys aren’t pulled in by the drawings but would love the story if they would just give it a chance.  Overall, it’s a creative story with funny story lines and interesting information.  

C. Peterson

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