Thursday, January 24, 2019

Bone Hollow by Kim Ventrella - ADVISABLE

Bone Hollow by Kim Ventrella, 240 pages. Scholastic, 2019. $18. 

Language: G; Mature Content: G; Violence: PG.



After trying to rescue a chicken off the roof during a hurricane, Gabe wakes up in the bed of his less-than-likable guardian Miss Cleo. He has a hole straight through his torso and everyone is talking about him like he’s dead. He’s sure there’s been a mistake, but no, he is in fact deader than a doornail. He runs into the woods with his dog and is found by a mysterious girl named Wynne. She takes him to her cabin in Bone Hollow and treats him like an honored guest. Gabe loves Bone Hollow, but it soon becomes obvious that Wynne’s days are numbered. She needs Gabe for something important, and he doesn’t think he’s up to the challenge.

Although this book is shrouded in death, it isn’t scary. In fact, it’s a sad, sweet book. Wynne has a “grave” job, but it’s essential, and she’s very good at it. Gabe’s had a rough life, but he’s a thinker and it hasn’t tarnished him. Easily likeable characters and there’s a dog. Need I say more?

Valerie McEnroe, Media Specialist

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