Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Leaf Little Critters by Leslie Bulion - ADVISABLE

Bulion, Leslie Leaf Litter Critters 55 pages. NON FICTION Peachtree 2018 $15

Decomposers are the critters that live in leaf piles and other natural waste. They help turn a leaf pile into great nutrients for the soil. This science book pairs poems with science notes about all the different kinds of bugs, worms, fungi, bacteria and others that live in our backyards. 

This is a great resource for the bug crazy 4th or 5th grader. The poems are short, the illustrations are clever and the information is on level without being too simplified. The gem is the last 10 pages which include a glossary, poetry notes which tell about all the different kinds of poems that were used, instructions on doing your own field work to find and observe the life in a leaf litter sample and resources for further reading. This would be a fun addition to the science/LA classroom - while the information is accessible even to middle school, the size and illustrations make this book more appropriate for elementary school. 

Lisa Librarian

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