Friday, March 9, 2018

The Stone Girl’s Story by Sarah Beth Durst - ESSENTIAL

Durst, Sarah Beth The Stone Girl’s Story, 336 pages.  Clarion (Houghton), APRIL 2018.  $17.  

Content: G.

Mayka, Turtle, an the other stone animals carved by Father are slowly eroding and losing some of the special symbols that brought them to life and gave them their stories.  In a desperate plan to save herself and her friends, Mayka will undertake the long journey down the mountain and into the city to see if she can bring back a stonemason to give them a longer lease on life.  Javklo and Risa, the stone birds will accompany her.  Together they will find unexpected danger to hinder them and unsought friendship to help them to their unpredicted resolution.

 Durst has written another charming fantasy book that defies previous expectations for what a fantasy should look like.  Her refreshing heroine and friends encounter fresh new adventures to delight an audience that enjoys a wide array of sweet fantasy titles.

EL, MS - ESSENTIAL.  Cindy, Library Teacher

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