Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Your One and Only by Adrianne Finlay - OPTIONAL

Finlay, Adrianne Your One and Only, 304 pages. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2018. $18. Language: PG (6 swears); Mature Content: R (drugs, sex); Violence: PG-13 (bullying, beatings, fighting).

It is the year 2047 and all the humans in the city of Vispera have been wiped out by the Slow Plague. Now the Homo factus (the Made Man) live in communities in a utopian type society. There are nine humans that are the parents of the clones. The clones have the abilities to “commune” or communicate through feelings and emotions, either with touch or just being in close proximity. The council in this city has decided to create Jack, a human from the DNA that has not been altered. He is an outcast in the society because he is a human. Althea-310 feels a connection to Jack because she feels different from her sisters. She is fascinated with Jack and defends him when a series of attacks start happening in town and Jack is blamed.

This story shows the importance of love and relationships in humanity and that these qualities should not be lost in trying to create the perfect DNA.  I felt like I was reading The Giver except it deals with clones and lots of sex. I think they did a creative job with the story line in trying to make the perfect human race, but I did not connect with the characters as much. Jack and Althea-310’s love story was very sudden and not very developed. The author focused a little too much on sex and it was a distraction for me and didn’t seem necessary to focus so much on it. Overall, I think the theme of keeping humanity’s love and the importance of relationships was great, but I feel like other books convey this message in a better way.


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