Saturday, March 24, 2018

Little & Lion by Brandy Colbert - PUBLIC

Colbert, Brandy Little & Lion, 327 pages. Little, Brown and Company (Hachette), 2017. $18. 

Language: R (85 swears, 55 ‘f’); Mature Content: R (teen sex, drug use, alcohol); Violence: PG-13

16yo Suzette has come home to Los Angeles after a year at boarding school.  She leaves drama at school - she was romantically involved with her roommate - it didn’t end well, and comes home to drama - her family is working through her brother’s recent mental illness diagnosis. She’s torn about her sexuality because she likes both her long time friend Emil, but also has feelings for her brother’s new girlfriend.

The storyline is all over the place, but mostly because Suzette is also all over the place - Jewish, black, bi or pan sexual . . .  It’s not about any one issue, as much as it is a very involved summer vacation for a young girl (and it’s not even the whole summer!) This book has a lot: sexuality, racism, religion, diversity, bullying, family dynamics, as well as sex, drugs and alcohol.   Too much for a school library.


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