Monday, March 19, 2018

Pygmy Goats by Buffy Silverman -ADVISABLE

Silverman, Buffy Pygmy Goats, 24 pages.  NON-FICTION.  Lerner, 2018.  $20. Language: G (0 swears); Mature Content: G; Violence: G.

This book features large colorful pages and photographs of pygmy goats! Readers learn about how pygmy goats are different than goats, how they are born and raised, their behavior, and their needs as pets.

This book has me sold, I need a pair of pygmy goats now! This book is SO adorable, that students will choose it just for that, and end up learning a lot. They layouts are inviting, the word size perfect for learning readers, and the images guessed it..adorable! Perfect for K-2nd graders. I have a pet section that will benefit from the addition of this book.

EL(K-3) – ADVISABLE.  Stephanie, Elementary School Librarian & Author

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