Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Other Side of Free by Krista Russell - ADVISABLE

Russell, Krista The Other Side of Free, 249 pgs. Peachtree Publishers, 2013. $16.95. Language: G (0 Sweras), Mature Content: G, Violence: PG. 

Jem, a young slave, was sent south to Florida with a woman named Phaedra, in the hopes that they can live free under the protection of the Spanish Army. Jem yearns to be part of the slaves who have sworn fealty to Spain in exchange for protection from slave hunters. Jem grows in understanding of the world as he cares for an orphaned owlet. Eventually, Fort Mose and St. Augustine are threatened by English war ships. Jem must choose his loyalties and find his own courage. This novel unveils the rich history of St. Augustine, Florida in the mid 1700’s. Seeing the history through the eyes of Jem makes this a novel of choice for a U.S. History course.  


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