Friday, December 27, 2013

Jerusalem, A Family Portrait by Boris Yakin and Nick Bertozzi - - OPTIONAL

Yakin, Boris and Bertozzi, Nick Jerusalem, A Family Portrait, 400 pgs. 2013. First Second, $24.99. Language: R; (49 swears 0 F’s) Violence: R; Mature Content: PG13.  

Two estranged brother’s families experience the Arab/Jewish war in Jerusalem following WWII.  Motti is the youngest son of Izak Halaby; in trouble at school for refusing to comply with his British teachers, and is a ruffian in the streets.  Motti admires his brothers who are soldiers and is vocal about his Jewish heritage.  Jonathan, his cousin and best friend is the son of Yakov, who is wealthy and refuses to forgive a debt owed by Motti’s father Izak.  

This story is full of layers: family problems, political issues, and becoming a man.  Cinematically told as a graphic novel, the violence shown is disturbing.  HS OPTIONAL Lisa Librarian

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