Saturday, December 21, 2013

Endless Knight by Kresley Cole - PUBLIC ONLY

Cole, Kresley  Endless Knight, 320 pgs.  Simon and Schuster, 2013.  $18.99  Content: Language: R (141 swears; 2 F); Mature Content: R (on page sex); Violence R (cannibalism).  

In this second book in the Arcana Chronicles, Evie, after coming into her powers as the Tarot card Empress, is struggling with her emotions over Jack, the boy who has helped her along her journey.  Jack doesn’t know what to do with Evie because she’s not who he thought she was and Evie can’t bear to be without Jack, but at the same time knows that he isn’t safe in this war among the Arcana.  The Arcana are the 22 characters from the Tarot and they are in a war for immortality.  The 22 characters fight with the powers associated with the cards and Evie has the ability to get life out of the apocalyptic land, and her direct opposition is Death, who kills everything he touches, except Evie.  Death and Jack both want Evie and Evie finds herself caring for both of them.  

This book is so creative and the story line is action packed.  The characters have great chemistry and the writing draws you into the story so well.  That said, the content is very adult and completely unacceptable for a school library.  

PUBLIC ONLY. Reviewer, C. Peterson.

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