Thursday, December 26, 2013

Mister and Lady Day: Billie Holiday and the Dog who Loved Her by Amy Novesky –NO

Novesky, Amy and Illustrated by Newton, Vanessa Mister and Lady Day: Billie Holiday and the Dog who Loved Her 32 pgs. HMH Books for Young Readers. $16.99  Content: Language: G (0 swears); Mature Content: G; Violence: G. PICTURE BOOK
This story is a snippet about the wonderful blue singer Billie Holiday, specifically her love for dogs. Her favorite dog was Mister, he stood by her through thick and thin, even watching her perform from back stage.
I felt like this book was kind of bizarre. I love Billie Holiday and was eager to find out about our shared love of dogs. She died fairly young, and certainly went through quite a few dogs, that worried me a bit. Even the depiction of her favorite dog didn't feel that warm or informational to me. I wouldn’t be able to use this in the library biographically, because the most fascinating part is how a young girls dream came to true, but that is skipped over in favor of the love of dogs thing, which wasn't presented all that well. Also students will be extra curious about where she disappears to for a year and half, leaving her dog behind, and I am not explaining drug rehab to them. The illustrations are wonderful, and I will keep an eye out for future work by this illustrator.

EL(K-3) –NO Reviewer: Stephanie Elementary School Librarian & Author.

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