Thursday, May 16, 2013

Venom by Fiona Paul - OPTIONAL

Paul, Fiona Venom, 435 pgs. Philomel Books, 2012 $17.99 Content: Language: PG (2 swears); Mature Content: PG-13; Violence: R. 
Since both of her parents died, Cassandra lives with her wealthy aunt and enjoys a plush lifestyle.  She is engaged to a wealthy scholar, Luca, and has her best friend Madalena.  However, she feels oppressed as her life is planned for her and she craves freedom.  Shortly after one of her childhood friends dies, Cassandra finds that her friend’s body has been traded in the crypt with the body of a murdered courtesan.  Cass meets a boy artist, Falco, who attempts to help her figure out the murder mystery; however, a lot of the clues lean towards Falco’s guilt.  Cass finds herself falling in love with Falco and doubting him at the same time. 
This book has a great story full of mystery.  The main character is well developed, even though sometimes her actions don't seem logical.  The mature content is almost rated R because Cass goes into a brothel and walks in on a couple having sex.  The violence is rated R because there is someone stealing dead bodies and taking them apart and putting them in basins.  It’s grotesque.  Overall, the story was engaging, but the setting was dark and felt more adult than young adult. 
HS-OPTIONAL.  Reviewer, C. Peterson. 

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