Saturday, May 4, 2013

Nancy Clancy: Secret Admirer by Jane O'Connor - ADVISABLE

O’Connor, Jane  Nancy Clancy: Secret Admirer, 112 pgs.  Illustrated by Robin Preiss Glasser  Harper, 2013.  $9.99  Content: G. 
This book is about Nancy and her friend, Bree.  Nancy and Bree try to get Bree’s babysitter, Annie, a new boyfriend because she is sad because she broke up with her old boyfriend.  They try to make Nancy’s guitar teacher fall in love with Annie.  Nancy and Bree find out that Annie and the guitar teacher are really good friends and that they are in love.  
I love this book because Nancy is trying to do something nice for someone else and Bree is also helping her with it.  I like the happy ending.  There are pictures throughout that show more of the story.  It’s a fun and fast read. 
EL -ADVISABLE.  Reviewer, Isabelle, age 9.

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