Saturday, January 12, 2013

Unbreak My Heart by Melissa Walker ADVISABLE

Walker, Melissa Unbreak My Heart, 240 pgs. Bloomsbury USA, 2012. Content--PGish

Clementine fell for her best friend's boyfriend, and in the process lost them both. It's a relief to escape from the gossip for the summer on a sail boat with her parents and little sister. Though maybe the tight living space isn't the best place for her when she's drowning in regret and suffering from a broken heart. Until she meets James, who is also sailing for the summer with his father, and she finds that his smile is just what she needs.

This was a sweet book. I found the story compelling, the characters and their feelings believable. Especially Clem. I could understand why she did what she did and why she felt and behaved the way she did. Her growth as a character was believable as well. I recommend!

HS, MS -- ADVISABLE reviewer: Rebekah, public librarian

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