Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Peanut by Ayun Halliday and Paul Hoppe –PUBLIC ONLY

Halliday, Ayun and Hoppe, Paul Peanut 216 pgs. Schwartz & Wade, 2012. $10.87.  (Rating: Violence G, Language PG13 (0 official swears), Sexual talk R)
Sadie is nervous about being a new girl at her high school. But after meeting a girl with a food allergy –Sadie comes up with a plan. She decides to fake a lethal peanut allergy to get attention, and it works. She has a new set of friends and a super sweet boyfriend. But she is finding it challenging to not only keep up the lies but also she doesn't like lying to her friends. When she takes a bite of a little muffin –things go downhill from there.
I really like this book! The idea is fun and carried off well. The characters are well developed and likeable. Minus a few things I would have even recommended it for middle school. But some questionable sexual talk about choking, and some other mildly offensive sex talk (Highly offensive to parents), would make me hesitate. I really wish that wasn't in the book –the characters themselves only have a couple of very G rated kisses.
PUBLIC ONLY Reviewer: Stephanie Elementary School Librarian & Author.

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