Friday, January 4, 2013

The Big Push by Erika Wittekind-ADVISABLE

Wittekind, Erika, The Big Push: How Popular Culture is Always Selling. Compass Point Books, 2012. Pgs. 80. INFORMATION.

Why do we buy what we buy? What is popular culture, how does it become so, and how does it influence us? In this book, learn how to identify their influence and become a savvy media consumer.

This text is informative as well as entertaining. It has a good layout with lots of facts, pictures, and more “food for thought” that opens readers ideas to the world of advertising and popular culture. Readers who are interested in advertising, starting their own business, or need to do a report on a non-fiction book will enjoy this easy-to-follow book. MS, HS. ADVISABLE. Includes glossary, discussion questions, additional resources,

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