Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Relic Hunters by Derek Benz - OPTIONAL

Benz, Derek & J.S. Lewis Grey Griffins: The Relic Hunters (Clockwork Chronicles #2), 349 pgs. Little, Brown and Company, 2011. $16.00.

Language: G (O swears); Mature Content-G; Violence: PG; 

Second book of The Clockwork Chronicles. Four kids, each with a special talent/super power, are out to save the world (or at least the kids from their school) from the evil Otto von Strife. There are shape shifters, fairies (who are difficult to control), clockworks (robots), giant spiders, flying cars and zombies. 

While I liked all the action this book had, sometimes it was difficult to follow. Maybe reading the first book in the series (and even the series the author wrote before this one) would help with character development and plot. I’m hoping future books will tell more about the Shadowlands because it is mentioned several times but not fully described. While the book is a fun read at times, it is generally “all over the place” and kind of frustrating. 

EL, MS - OPTIONAL. Reviewer: M. Mathews, middle school librarian.

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