Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fake Moustache by Tom Angleberger

Angleberger, Tom Fake Moustache, 196  pgs.  Amulet Books, 2012.  $13.95.  Language - G, Sexual Content -G; Violence – G;  

A fake mustache bought at the novelty store pits two friends against each other in a battle to save the fate of the world.  The mustache isn’t just any cheap costume.  It is the Heidelberg Handlebar #7, a very convincing disguise, it can turn a whole town into mindless yes-men. Casper Bengue  a twelve-year-old pust on a suit and mustache and begins robbing banks around the country and launching a bid for the presidency.  His friend Lenny Flem Jr. quickly realizes his buddy is up to no good.  With the help of Jodie O’Rodeo,  teen cowgirl queen, at his side with the townspeople on their trail, Lenny and Jodie set out to stop Casper (Fako Mustacho) before he makes it to the White House.  

This is a silly story that start out a little confusing, but picks up.  It is told in three parts first from Lenny’s point of view then Jodie’s then back to Lenny to end the book.

EL/MS-OPTIONAL. Reviewer:  SFC Librarian.

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