Monday, December 7, 2009

Tentacles by Roland Smith

Smith, Roland. Tentacles. Scholastic Press. Pgs. 336. Language: G, Violence: PG, Sexual Content: G. Marty’s parents are still missing. After a botched rescue mission attempt in the Congo, Marty and Grace return with the uncle/dad Travis Wolfe to Cryptos. They shortly set sail, however, when they discover that there is an opportunity to catch a giant squid. Taking two dinosaur eggs that are about ready to hatch with them on to Coelacanth, they begin an exciting adventure filled with possibility. Things turn sour, however, when Noah Blackwood, Grace’s grandfather, Travis’ dead wife’s father and his arch nemesis, returns to get his revenge and to take back Grace. Will the trio succeed in catching a giant squid or will Noah Blackwood succeed in taking what he’s come back to get? A fun, action-filled adventure. Readers who enjoy mythology, adventure, and/or other Roland Smith books will enjoy reading this story. Although it is helpful to have read the first book, this book can be read separately. This book is a must have for any library, teacher, or parent who works or lives with upper elementary and/or middle school children. EL/MS (Grades 5-9). ESSENTIAL. Reviewer: Jessica, Librarian, Olympus Jr. High .

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Kailey said...

great book i really felt like i was in it