Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Never After by Dan Elconin

Elconin, Dan Never After, 295 p. Simon and Schuster, 2009. Language: R (45 “f”, 130 other – I stopped counting after 130 pages); Violence: R; Sexual Content: PG-13.

Ricky Darlin is desperate to escape his tense family situation, so when a intriguing young man offers to take him away to a magical place where he can forget his worries, he jumps at the offer. Stepping right into his worst nightmare. Now Ricky is stuck on a tiny island, with just a handful of other teens who are trying to escape Peter’s clutches. Unfortunately, Peter is protected by a crew of zombies. Together, James Hooke, Mariah Bell, Nigel, Alex and Ricky – with some help from the local Indian princess – will have to defeat Peter and find their way back home. While this book is an interesting take on the legend of Neverland, the angst and anger of these teens comes out in a spew of swear words. I finally just had to stop counting just so that I could get through the book. Too bad.

NO. Cindy, Library-Teacher

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