Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Boy Heaven by Laura Kasischke

Kasischke, Laura Boy Heaven. 280 Pages, Harper Tempest 2006. Language-PG(12 swears 0 "f"), Sexual Content-PG (Because there is a lot of kissing and lovey stuff); violence-G. Kristy and her two friends from cheerleading camp plan to sneak out and go on a ride in her red comfortable, take a swim in the lake, and making it back to cheer camp before her friends or maybe even the coaches find out there gone. But there is one problem with having the perfect tan, perfect body, and perfect hair, its that all the boys notice you. Then beautiful Kristi smiles at a boy at wrong time. This book is a good book and makes you want more, but its also a bit confusing because one second there at cheer camp, and the next there at school so its hard to tell what place there in and when there in it. MS-ESSENTIAL. Student Reviewer: MM

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