Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Wink by Rob Harrell - ESSENTIAL

Wink by Rob Harrell, 316 pages. Dial Books for Young Readers (Penguin), 2020. $17.

Language: PG (5 swears, 0 “f”); Mature Content; Violence: G



As if being a 7th grader isn’t hard enough, Ross Maloy gets diagnosed with eye cancer.  Ross is the type of kid who wants to blend in, but now that he has eye goo, weird hats and a squinty “winking” eye because of his treatments, being invisible is no longer an option.  Ross also has to deal with bullies, cruel memes and possibly losing both friendships and his vision. 

Based off the author’s real life experience, Ross captures middle school angst perfectly.  Interspersed throughout, are comic strips about Batpig, that 7th grade Ross dreams up to help illustrate his thought processes.  I loved that this book deals with a difficult topic but is both sad and funny, much like life. Ross is relatable, and actually has caring and intelligent adults in his life, a rarity for young adult literature.  This is a great read for anyone whose middle school life was less than perfect (okay, everyone).

Michelle in the Middle

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