Sunday, May 31, 2020

Finally, Something Mysterious by Doug Cornett - ADVISABLE

Finally, Something Mysterious by Doug Cornett, 244 pages. Alfred A. Knopf (Random House), 2020. $17.

Language: G (1 swear); Mature Content G; Violence: G



Fifth graders, Paul Marconi and his two friends call themselves the One and Onlys, because they have no siblings.  Even though the town of Bellwood is already strange, things only get stranger when a load of rubber ducks end up on a neighbor’s lawn, a former babysitter sneaks off into the forest at night, and the town gets caught up in the frenzy of the annual Bratwurst Bonanza.  So it’s up to the amateur sleuths to figure out the mysterious happenings.

As someone who dreamed of finding a mystery to solve, I liked this story because the mystery was not so dangerous that it would be out of the realm of fifth graders.  The adults in the story are likeable and Paul even has two competent parents. There is humor and adventure as Paul, Shanks, and Peephole work together and deal not only with the mystery but friendship and change.  And if you like small town festivals and Bratwurst, it’s an even bigger bonus.

Michelle in the Middle

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