Friday, May 1, 2020

Who Got Game? Baseball: Amazing but True Stories by Derrick Barnes - ADVISABLE

Who Got Game? Baseball: Amazing but True Stories by Derrick Barnes, illustrated by John John Bajet, 172 pages.  NON-FICTION  Workman, 2020. $13.  

Content: G  



This nonfiction compilation includes fun stories about baseball stars, statistics, legends and comebacks.  Each chapter has short 2-3 pages stories about amazing players who have contributed to the game of baseball, including women and minorities.  The chapter about statistics gives some of information about those who have broken different records in baseball.  The legends and comebacks are some quirky and cool stories that are fun.  

I read an ARC reader, so my illustrations were black and white and not complete, but I looked them up and they are going to be bright and attractive.  The stories are great for sports lovers, but because of the amount of text and page numbers, it will probably appeal to older elementary or middle school readers.  I have been watching baseball my whole life and I loved reading these unique stories about some of the greatest memories in baseball.  

Reviewer, C. Peterson

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