Friday, May 15, 2020

Tornado Brain by Cat Patrick - ADVISABLE

Tornado Brain by Cat Patrick, 286 pages. G. P. Putnam's Sons, 2020. $18. Content: G.



13yo Frankie is neurodiverse - she is very different from her twin Tess. Frankie doesn't like to be touched, is distracted by noises, has special accommodations in school and has only 1 friend. Colette. But Colette is also friends with Tess. When Frankie overhears Colette say something mean about her, Frankie stops hanging around with them. Now Colette is missing. The police found a clue in her locker, a notebook Frankie, Colette and Tess used to write in years ago. But the only thing Frankie can see is that a page is missing - an important page. Maybe Frankie holds the key to what happened - but no one seems to listen.

I really liked Frankie's voice, I loved being in her head and discovering how she thinks. The mystery was exciting, the friend drama was great.  Their family dynamics were realistic,  supportive mom, but a bit impatient (or so Frankie feels that way.), and the sister relationship was perfect.  Frankie visits a therapist who helps her work through things productively. My middle school girls will love this.

Lisa Librarian

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