Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Watch Over Me by Mila Gray - NO

Watch Over Me by Mila Gray, 352 pages. Simon Pulse, 2019. $19.

Language: R (140 swears, 17 “f”); Mature Content: R; Violence: PG13



Growing up in an abusive home taught Zoey to be paranoid and defensive all the time to take care of her loved ones. But she let her guard down because they were supposed to be safe – there was no warning that her father got out of jail early on parole. Running from him once more, Zoey wonders if her family will ever be safe and if she’ll ever be free from fear.

Zoey’s story is fine, though a little predictable. Watch Over Me has the tells of being a standalone romance in a series of connected characters with background information alluded to as Easter eggs for those who read the books in order (it is not necessary to read the others to follow along in this one). I’m not a fan of the execution of Zoey’s story because of the unnecessary foul language and the detailed sex scenes, but, even without those parts, this book isn’t one that needs to read. The mature content rating is for sex, other sexual activities, and sexual assault; the violence rating is for domestic violence, gun violence, and attempted murder.

Reviewer: Carolina Herdegen

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