Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Manga Classics: The Stories of Edgar Allan Poe by Stacy King - ADVISABLE

Manga Classics: The Stories of Edgar Allan Poe by Stacy King, 308 pages. GRAPHIC NOVEL. Udon Entertainment, 2017. $24. 9781772940213

Language: PG (3 swears, 0 “f”); Mature Content: PG13; Violence: PG13



This collection includes four short stories and one poem by Edgar Allen Poe, each illustrated by a different artist. These classics have new life breathed into them as the illustrators skillfully help readers visualize Poe’s works.

I feel like my mind is blown and my understanding is expanded every time I read a Manga Classic. My favorite of the works in this collection is The Raven because it was a poem that I had a hard time relating to in high school. Reading it in this context, I feel like I understand Poe and he understands me – separated through time as we are. The mature content and violence ratings are for the Poe-ness of the stories, including murder and ill intent that is presented as a solution to problems.

Reviewer: Carolina Herdegen

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