Friday, July 21, 2017

The Snurtch by Sean Ferrell - ESSENTIAL

Ferrell, Sean The Snurtch, illustrated by Charles Santoso.  PICTURE BOOK. Antheneum (Simon & Schuster), 2016 $17.99. 

Ruthie's got a problem.  There is a Snurtch that keeps getting her into trouble at school.  It throws pencils, makes rude noises, and forgets questions.  It even tears up others drawings in art class.  Ruthie, decides she has got to do something about the Snurtch.  She focuses really hard and begins to draw the Snurtch.  She even shares her drawing with the class so they can see the Snurtch too. Then very bravely, Ruthie apologizes for her bad behavior and tries to do better at controlling her inner Snurtch.  

This is a great story for teaching children about appropriate behavior in school.  When Ruthie realizes all the children in her class have a  Snurtch of their own that they struggle with, it lets her know she is not alone.  Children will love the illustrations and the book will spark a great discussion about good behavior strategies for being successful in school.  

EL (K-3), EL --ESSENTIAL Gina, Media Specialist

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