Monday, July 10, 2017

Snakes (Animal Planet Chapter books #4) by James Buckley, Jr. –OPTIONAL

Buckley Jr, James Snakes (Animal Planet Chapter books #4) 112 pgs. Liberty Street (Time Inc, Books), 2017. $14.99 Content: Language: G (0 swears); Mature Content: G Violence: G
This book feature a plethora of information about snakes told in a chapter book format. There are short chapters on many facets of snakes from body, movement, attack and defense, and the life cycle. Each page has a fun neon border and lots of pertinent color photographs.
I reviewed the Bugs book from this series, by the same author, and this Snake book is much better. The writing feels organized, succinct, and the vocabulary hits more on the target age level. The images are well chosen and placed near the text that refers to it. Although it’s a great book, I find myself wondering if there is an audience for a chapter book on snakes. I have huge checkouts with the large format snake books from grades K-3. They are stuffed with just as much information and are easier to read thanks to the sub-headings and contain more images. I would give this as a gift, but I probably wouldn’t use library funds to add it to the collection.  

EL(K-3) –OPTIONAL Reviewer: Stephanie Elementary School Librarian & Author.

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