Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Grace Hopper: Queen of Computer Code by Laurie Hallmark - ESSENTIAL

Wallmark, Laurie Grace Hopper: Queen of Computer Code, illustrated by Katy Wu.  PICTURE BOOK.  Sterling Children’s Books, 2017.  $17.

Grace Hopper was insatiably curious.  From open up a series of clocks when she was young so that she could fix her own, to rigging up a clock to run backwards, her life was full of both whimsy and science.  Even though she was too old and too skinny, she finally was able to join the Navy, where she not only work code for the first computer, the MARK I, she also thought of many ways to make if even easier to code them. 

What a great look at an important woman!  At first I thought maybe it was a bit text heavy, but it read quickly.  Plus, the illustrations will not fail to delight! A great starter for any computer class.
Librarians take note:  There is front matter and back matter on the front and end pages of this picture book.  This makes for great difficulty for us to ready it for circulation, or frustration for a patron when they can’t read all of the treats.

EL, MS, HS – ESSENTIAL.  Cindy,  Library Teacher

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