Sunday, July 16, 2017

A Fiery Friendship by Lisa Fiedler - ESSENTIAL

Fiedler, Lisa A Fiery Friendship (Gabriel Gale’s Ages of Oz #1), 412 pages.  McElderry (Simon and Schuster), 2017.  $18.  Content: G (mild danger).

On the day of her Declaration, Glinda learns disturbing truths about her country, the witch Aphidina who rules it, and even about her own mother.  Instead of celebrating, she ends of fleeing for her life on a quest with Locasta, a highly irritating Gillikin, and Ben, a Earthling who was transported magically to Oz.  Together they are supposed to fulfill a prophecy and take the first step to freeing Oz from the wicked witches who rule over it.

Fiedler pays homage to the original Oz stories – adding depth to the backstory without taking extraordinary liberties with the characters and original ala “Wicked”, for which I am very grateful.  I really hope that this ignites a new interest in the Oz books.  Regardless, kids will really enjoy this rollicking, magical adventure.

EL, MS –ESSENTIAL.  Cindy, Library Teacher

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