Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Life of Ty: Penguin Problems by Lauren Myracle-ESSENTIAL

Myracle, Lauren The Life of Ty: Penguin Problems, 128 pgs.  Dutton Juvenille, 2013. $12.99.  CHAPTER BOOK.  Content: G.

This book is about a boy named Ty and he has a new baby sister named Maggie. Ty doesn’t like Maggie because she gets all the attention! When Ty goes on a school field trip to the aquarium a few days later he wanders off into a room and up some stairs and he finds a baby penguin! Ty puts the baby penguin in his backpack and takes him home! How is Ty’s mother going to react to this? Read to find out. I liked the drawing in this book and the words the author used. And the story line was really fine in my opinion! This was all around a great book!

EL. ESSENTIAL.  Student Reviewed: JL-age 10.

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