Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Awesome Dawson by Chris Gall - ESSENTIAL

Gall, Chris. Awesome Dawson. Little, Brown, and Co. 2013. $16.99.

After introducing himself on the first page, Dawson declares that EVERYTHING can be used again. He is an imaginative inventor who wants to experiment with his new creations rather than taking time to do his chores. Trying to combine these two activities leads to some fantastical outcomes.

This is a fun story that takes literally the idea that an active childhood imagination can make anything into something else. The illustrations are bright and bold with many comic-book elements. You'll find lots of details on every page, some even labeled in a way that's reminiscent of Richard Scarry's word books. Though it won't make a very good read-aloud, kids will love both the story and the pictures.

EL - ESSENTIAL. PKFoster, teacher librarian.

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