Friday, August 30, 2013

Loki's Wolves by Armstrong and Marr - ADVISABLE

Armstrong, K.L. & Marr, M.A. Loki's Wolves, 358 pgs. Little, Brown and Company, 2013.

Language - G, Sexual Content - G; Violence - PG; 

Matt is a descendant of Thor, but can't live up to his older brothers. Laurie is a descendant of Loki and just wants to stay out of trouble. Fen is another descendant of Loki, hates Matt, and wants to protect Laurie. Together the three have to find a way to work together in order to stop the end of the world. 

This book marks the beginning of a Percy-Jackson-like series for the Norse gods and myths. Besides finding the Norse legends fascinating, I loved the characters Armstrong and Marr created--they are witty, lovable, and entertaining. The plot itself is great, not to mention how fabulous the pictures are. I cannot wait to read the sequel.

 EL, MS - ADVISABLE. Reviewer: CCH

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