Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Lower the Trap by Jessica Scott Kerrin-NO

Kerrin, Jessica Scott Lower the Trap: The Lobster Chronicles 1.  125 pgs. Kids Can Press Ltd. 2013. $15.95. Graeme Swinimer knows everything there is to know about his fishing community of Lower Narrow Spit.  He is an aspiring marine biologist and thinks there is nothing left to discover in his corner of the world, that is, until his dad pull in a giant lobster with antennae the size of bicycle spokes.  He is thrilled when he finds out his dad will put it up for auction and take their winnings to a marine research aquarium.  However he has an internal conflict, part of him believes it is better to set the ancient lobster free, and he is willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish this task. 

This book was very poorly written.  It was extremely predictable.  The storyline was bleak and boring and never pulled me in.  It is certainly not exciting enough for a kid.  Kids don’t want to read about an oversized lobster, and they could probably care less whether it is released or goes to a museum.  It lacked detail in seemingly important parts to the story, and gave way too much useless information in other unnecessary parts of the book.   I also had problems with the main character.  He wasn’t someone you wanted to root for. He was a “know it all kid” who said cheesy catch phrases like “Geez Louise” ten too many times.

EL - NOT RECOMMENDED. Student Reviewed: JL

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