Saturday, October 30, 2010

Star of Stone by P.D. Bacclario - ESSENTIAL

Baccalario, P.D. Star of Stone (Century Quarter II), 287 p.

Elettra, Harvey, Mistral and Sheng, after their dramatic events of the New Year in Rome, are reunited in New York City and continue on their quest to unravel the mystery left behind by Professor Van Den Berger.  Their clues – four cryptic postcards that will lead them all over the city and into certain danger.  New villains are waiting to thwart their search, or to just end their lives, and get to the solution of the great riddle first, but new friends are also waiting to aid the quartet on their hunt.  

If your students have not yet met the Century Quartet, please don’t wait any longer.  Baccalario has created a wonderful new mystery within the realm of modern fantasy.  

EL – ESSENTIAL.  MS – ADVISABLE. Cindy, Library Teacher.

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